This is a built-from-scratch RTF editor for the web written entirely in Javascript. This editor is the property of Software Builders, Inc. Every time you hit a keystroke, the editor captures the browser event, cancels it, and makes the change on an internally stored JSON document. Then, it selectively re-renders the DOM. This low-level approach is challenging, but results in a less bug-prone editing experience.

Features include:

  • Bullets & Numbered Lists

  • Fonts and Colors



You can drag

to resize

  • Images

  • Checkboxes

 Yes or . .


  • Formulas (Insert using the TeX command)


  • Copy / Paste

  • Drag 'n drop

  • Undo / Redo

Oher Features NOT enabled in demo:

These features require server-side integration and have therefore been disabled in this demo.

  • Spell Checking

  • File Attachments (Including Drag 'n Drop from Desktop!)

  • Image uploading (you can copy/paste images from an editor into the demo, though)